West Indies v ICC Rest of World X1 hurricane relief match

When I was in Australia & New Zealand for 5 Months Sara spoke to me about this game taking place and felt it was a great opportunity for helping our friends in the Caribbean and for a reunion of old and new friends. On my return to the office I was amazed to see we had over 70 coming and it was lovely to see many from the trip to Australia on the list. I knew it was going to be a special night and it did not disappoint. I had an amazing time catching up with friends from previous tours and a few who I had not met before. It was just an amazing and thoroughly enjoyable afternoon/evening…. a huge success, not only were old friends reconnected it was also for a great cause. I have said so many times but it really feels like one big family rather then a business. I have been in touch with quite a lot of you since my time down under and it is such a great feeling having friendships with such like minded passionate people.  Maybe the match was a bit one sided which sadly ended with Afridi using a runner and Mills injuring his quod and unable to bat. After post match drinks and a short journey home I had an invite from Chris Gayle to go to the after match party but to be honest I had such a great time with you all and consumed more then I normally would so I declined the chance of a West Indian Jolly Up! No doubt I will see him during the summer!

Hopefully Anguilla and Dominica will now have the funds to repair the stadiums caused by Hurricane Irma & Maria in 2017. We will be offering pre and post match visits to anyone who travels to Antigua with us – it’s a wonderful island – Cardigan Connor took the time to pop in and promote the island and will be ensuring that any clients who book will be well looked after and introduced to the islands hot spots by Omari Banks and himself on an evening of choice. To donate please click on this link https://tinyurl.com/y8p2ujfw

A lot has been written about the decline in the test side. I do think England need to change things around. I’m not convinced we have the right batting & bowling coaches, I am also a great believer in the only way to get back in form is to play County Cricket not have a weeks rest, I would also like to see England do away with the football warm ups, I have never been to Stamford Bridge and seen Chelsea playing Cricket pre kick off, and of course your liable to pick up an Injury. All the stick Cook received as Captain is unwarranted. Are we any further forward under Root then Cook? In my opinion we are not, personally I feel because of the way the team has performed it has had an effect on the ones that were in good-nick. There has never been a better opportunity for youngsters playing county Cricket to have a chance to represent England. if you want it enough take the batten prove your worth by scoring centuries and take fifers and you will receive a chance!

Sri Lanka is still selling very well so if you are interested give Richard or Sara a call and join me and Hoggy for the ODI’s or myself, Richard and Sara for the tests, it would be great to see you there! Our hotels are hand picked with proximity to the ground being on of the most important criteria. Traffic in Sri Lanka is a nightmare at times.

Finally we are always being asked about the Caribbean dates, we are told it will happen soon by the WICB and you guys will be the first to know, we have a great deal planned and will surely be a memorable tour!

All the best

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