England winning the ICC Cricket World Cup is a platform to build on

Starting with the Ashes!

This most go down as the most amazing game of cricket anyone has ever witnessed. The game went one way and other in the most nail biting climax the game has ever seen. I cannot remember a game in any sport going to the wire in any major world final? It had everything, in hindsight it should have come with health warnings and seat belts for the roller coaster ride we were about to witness!

My story started in January, I fill out the calendar with all the tour dates, all England home matches including Ashes, Surrey CCC, Chelsea fixtures and our commitments. What I failed to do was mark the semi final and final in the calendar so we arranged a holiday during this time. Then realised what I’d done- huge school boy error! So our holiday in the theme parks was matched by the roller coaster match which was unraveling at Lords!
We kept Sunday clear as to watch it! Many phone calls were made, conversations with concierge, who put us in touch with the Florida Cricket Association, with the help of Rahul we managed to stream it on the laptop! It was very disappointing to fine no one was screening it, especially as we accommodate the Americans in the UK by showing silly boys rounders as Del Boy would call it and the NFL!
Being on the laptop you could guarantee it would freeze at critical moments of the game! But that’s all we had! If I had been at home I would definitely would had exhausted all contacts in search of a ticket!

So we are now newly crowned world champions. This will give the team so much confidence going in to the next Ashes series. I have been crying out for Jason Roy to be given a chance. Carrying on from where he left of in Australia he once again dismantled the entire Australian attack, only being given out by a poor umpiring decision! So hopefully now he will get his chance!

In the aftermath of Yesterday’s result we have been very busy with calls and emails on the forthcoming tours, Sara was busy taking calls during the game yesterday with the phone on divert and even had a booking!

The T20 World Cup is extremely mouthwatering as in Australia, I can assure you I won’t be meeting Mickey Mouse this time! I will be in Australia, and hopefully watching England win back to back World Cups!


All the best Gary

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