Rabbits & Headlights and the Yellow tape gate!

Originally I was going to write my blog on the last two tests in New Zealand before heading home but with all that’s happened to the great game of Cricket I just had to write…..the game we love has once again been tarnished and on this occasion by the convicts overseas!

This is not the first time in Cricket that ball tampering has come into play, on the two previous occasions Sachin Tendulker & Michael Atherton have both shamed the sport – all three were against South Africa. The ICC have so far fined Steve Smith his match fee and one match suspension and now Cricket Australia have sent him as well as Bancroft and Warner home for the premeditated offence.

In 2010 Pakistan had three players banned for up to 10 Years. There is a fine line between match fixing and cheating. To me, Cricket Australia will want to make an example of them I’m sure. Steve Smith is right up there as the best batsman in the world , from 30 to 100 runs is a brilliant 95% conversion. David Warner – the Aussie all English supporters love to hate – and Cameron Bancroft who made his debut at the Gabba against England in November has only played 8 test matches and is only 25. All three could have had several years left in the game and become legends in Australian cricket but now all three have been branded cheats. All their careers depend on the facts and any other allegations against the three. I expect a lengthy ban to all three but that decision will be made by Cricket Australia. With so much money in the game at international level as well as sponsorships you again have to ask Why? Playing for your country is the pinnacle for any sportsman as well as being role models for your country and players that kids will idolise. Sponsorships will now be cancelled, careers potentially finished and heads bowed in shame as the world of cricket looks on. I wonder if a panel of referees will watch all the Ashes closely to see if there was any wrongful doing? Cricket will now be on all the back pages for the wrong reasons…

All that happening in South Africa overshadowed England’s awful first innings performance in New Zealand. All out for 58 in 94 minutes which almost secured victory for New Zealand, apart from Overton they played on the back foot and just looked unprepared and lacking confidence. After New Zealand posted 427 it proved there was nothing in the pitch, needing to bat for 148 overs to save the test – poor shots by Cook and Bairstow replicating a previous shot that was dropped did not have that luck second time round then Stoneman fell for the trap that was there for all to see. We needed a heroic innings – 4 Years to the Day when Matt Prior saved England, Ben Stokes looked every bit that it was possible, playing a very patient game, playing his first test match of the winter. It would have eclipsed the brilliant 258 in Cape Town however he holed out for 66 and the match was lost.

I would like to finish this blog with a very funny comment in Auckland by one of the group. four of us went out for dinner and sadly she said “ I’ve had a great time I’m really going to miss all you three” what was funny with that you ask? Well one of them was her husband!😀

Bookings are going very well for Sri Lanka, a lot of repeat clients, although I call them friends I have had a wonderful time with them and look forward to seeing them very soon, at a reunion or in Sri Lanka.
Sara and Richard will be delighted to hear from you.

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