Nearing the end of West Indies tour 2017…


Susan Bayliff meets Sir Cliff Richards!

I write this blog for once just chilling and without a beer!

I’d like to start by saying what a great night at the Mount gay Rum Distillery. We have had so many lovely comments about the Q&A with Simon, Desmond, Milton, Ian and Thelston, and of course those speeches! I had no idea I was going to be dragged up there and speak so it was completely off the cuff. I was told today that it reminded them of Churchills speech! I thought wow what an accolade, then I thought he might had been talking about the dog!

I would like to congratulate Andrew Maidstone who won the competition last night, winning a trip around TMS studio with Tino Best & Ebony Jewel. It was amazing I was asked by Simon to come with them. We were allowed in the sky box with all the gadgets they use for stats etc, and to finish in mcr where all the editing is done. We were delighted Gordon joined us in the boxes, there were a lot of photo & autograph opportunities.

Finally a special mention must go to Susan Bayliff, she stood on a sea urchin and needed medical attention and who should she meet –  Sir Cliff Richards! She is now on the mend but unfortunately could not make the event last night!

We are already being asked about 2019, there are a lot of newly formed friendships that would like to return, we have had discussions about an event in Antigua with a Q&A, Caribbean hot buffet and Richie & Curtly’s band ”Spirired” and dancing the night away!!

Thanks guys, this is not my goodbye blog. I will write again on Saturday!!


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