I’ve been back from Australia & New Zealand a week ….

I’ve been back from Australia & New Zealand a week and it has been wonderful catching up with you all…

Last Monday I started back in the office, fully rejuvenated after a weekend of Jolly ups ‘Real Ale’ on the menu and catching up with close friends. I really wanted to ring you all to hear about your experiences of the Oz & NZ tours. The response I have had has been amazing after making close to 200 calls. The itinerary’s were varied beyond belief. Richard and Sara picked up many compliments on their work and there were a few for me too for which I am deeply touched. Obviously with a tour of this size there were one or two small hitches which were dealt with to everyone’s satisfaction. What I discovered was, that so many friendships were formed during the tour and that goes for me too! . We appear to have created a real family feel to what we do. So many of you have made friends that during the calls I was asked who is going on what tour and what was I doing in the summer.

With that in mind, I have decided to put together a summer WhatsApp group, so, if I was going to, say, Trent Bridge on the 19th June, I could stick it on the WhatsApp group and wait to hear who else is going with the intention of meeting up. I was amazed so many of you are going somewhere to watch England, if you do meet up with someone from our tours I would love to see photos on there – especially with the polo shirts! If you would like to be added please just WhatsApp, text or email or call me  07795 961678 I would be delighted to hear from you! As of yet I do not have any Internationals to go to but hope to add something to my diary. I was so focused on the tour ahead I did not even think of summer at home.

Lastly I look forward to seeing many of you at Lords reunion on the 31st May for the fund raiser game. I am trying to arrange a reunion in the North so watch this space, if we do, we will send emails and I will put it on all  WhatsApp.

Thanks again to you all, I know I will see some of you during the summer which I am very much looking forward too.

Sri Lanka tours are selling very well over 70 to date I was amazed to see who is coming and that 12 of you have so far booked when I was still in Oz/NZ. We expect Caribbean dates out by mid May, we have a lot planned for this tour and it will surely be one not to be missed!

Have a great Cricket summer I will be at the Oval watching Surrey as a member so if you’re going please get in touch!

All the best


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