We’re going to Barbados ✈️…

As I write this blog I am on route to Barbados on an elastic band propelled Jet with Liat.

Golf at St. Kitts

Firstly I would like to apologise to Alison, Mike & John for not mentioning them in my previous blog that was partly due to too many wadadli’s in the Coconut Grove. Those guys beat the Barmy Army at Royal St. Kitts golf club, so a big congratulations to them.

On the golf topic, we have been asked to arrange a golf competition on future tours, so thank you Keith we will certainly be arranging this but obviously where possible!

I have tried to get myself around to as many of you guys as I can, we have very large numbers here and in Barbados, so I am struggling to remember everybody by name but I’m trying my best! I would like to thank all you guys for your lovely comments and constructive suggestions so we can do better.

It has been wonderful meeting all you guys! And I will say we have been sent a few screen shots from guy’s in the UK, it makes us so proud to see all you guys wearing the t-shirts & caps, a special mention to Lewis aka ”the Lobster man” as bumble described him on sky!

I designed the shirts and already have my design for the ashes which will be fantastic, and as soon as I am back in the UK we will have a page on the website showing the completed t shirt, it has also been great receiving all the pics with football shirts & flags. A big thank you to the guys with the Mansfield & Norwich flags.

Finally, I look forward to seeing some of you guys when we deliver the tickets tomorrow Dom & Richard will also be doing some.

It would be great if you can all wear the t shirt in Barbados, we are trying to get as many group photo’s as we can.

Thanks guys, I will write the next blog in a few days.





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