Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Holidays

Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Holidays & Tours. Trinidad deservedly claims fame to being the carnival capital of the Caribbean. Having invented Calypso, the steel pan drum and limbo dancing its little wonder the locals know how to throw a party.

This pair are the most southern Caribbean islands and located just 30 miles from Venezuela. Like many Caribbean countries, Trinidad and Tobago evolved from Spanish possession through English territory to independence.

The bustling Cities, shopping centres and vibrant nightlife of Trinidad are in contrast to Tobago’s more laid back lifestyle where the focus is relaxation. Both islands have many beautiful beaches often deserted as well as rainforests & lovely flora & fauna. The locals are welcoming and take pleasure in spoiling all visitors to their islands.

Trinidad Attractions

Sweet and spicy sums up Trinidad, the home of chutney and a diverse mix of Indian, Chinese and British heritage. To get the full flavour of Trinidad, its best to explore the capital Port of Spain, once a small seaside port but today one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Caribbean. There’s an abundance of historical landmarks, a wonderful choice of restaurants and great shopping opportunities.

Head for Fort George – Trinidad

Travel around the Caribbean and you’re likely to encounter a fair few Fort Georges! This impressive fortress, complete with cannons and dungeons, was built in honour of George III after the British wrested the islands from the Spanish.

For more than 200 years it has looked down over Trinidad’s capital. Climb the 1,100ft from sea level for a magnificent panoramic view of Port of Spain.

Attractions & Nightlife – Trinidad

Attractions and nightlife in Port of Spain Trinidad’s capital Port of Spain bustles day and night. During the day you can tour Downtown where gingerbread houses mingle with the modern tower blocks or wander along Frederick Street’s shopping central.

As dusk falls top nightclub Zen beckons on three fun-packed floors while there’s live calypso at the Nu Pub and sizzling Soca at the CroBar.

Turtle watching at Grande Rivière – Trinidad

Grande Rivière beach is home to the second largest leatherback turtle colony in the world. From early March to late August you can watch the turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

The tiny turtles emerge two months later and begin their perilous journey to the sea where a few make it to adulthood. An overnight stay at the Grande Rivière nesting grounds is one of Trinidad’s most memorable nights out.

Explore the Gasparee Caves – Trinidad

Trinidad’s caverns are world-renowned. From Aripo in the north to Tamana and Cumaca in the centre you’ll find caves teeming with nocturnal birds and bats. Take a boat from Chaguaramas to Gaspar Grande and you can descend into subterranean hollows dripping with stalagmites and stalactites.

The limestone Gasparee Caves contain the magical azure Blue Grotto. It’s said pirates once hid their treasure here, now you’ll find a cache of geological wonder.

Notes on visiting Trinidad

Time Zone

Trinidad Local Time
-4 Hours GMT


Passports must be valid for 6 months beyond your stay.


Highest Average: 30°
Lowest Average: 21°

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