Hambantota Cricket Holidays

Hambantota Cricket Holidays & Tours. At the very southern edge of Sri Lanka’s teardrop lies Hambantota. Over the centuries, it was a regular refuge for Siamese traders who moored their sampans in the port or ‘thota’.

This anchorage became known as ‘Sampantota’ and later Hambantota. Surrounded by marshes and wetlands, the area is home to abundant native wildlife and plays host to thousands of migratory birds. Along the coast you’ll also encounter idyllic fishing villages perched on the edge of the Indian Ocean.

Hambantota Attractions

When the deadly Boxing Day Tsunami struck Hambantota in 2004 it devastated the people and its infrastructure. But from this nadir the Sri Lankans vowed to build anew. Much of the focus has been sporting. The city lost a bid for the 2018 Commonwealth Games but succeeded in gaining the 2017 Asian Youth Games. Old Hambantota may be gone but a new city is rising and all around it you’ll find superb natural tourist attractions.

Mulkirigala Rock Monastery

Rising almost 700 feet above the surrounding plains, The Rock of Mulkirigala is the Sigiriya of southern Sri Lanka. This marvel of man’s creativity and natural wonder consists of seven cave temples on a set of terraces. Planned by King Saddatissa, each cave depicts different aspects of the life of Buddha. You’ll find vibrant frescos and impressive carvings throughout this cultural highlight, well worth the climb of 533 steps to the summit.

The Flamingoes of Bundala

When it comes to hosting a healthy array of wildlife, Bundala National Park is definitely in the pink. It is the home to almost 200 bird species but the headline act in this feathered festival is the Greater Flamingo. Flocks of up to 1,000 of these elegant birds descend on the park every winter. And if pink isn’t your colour there’s a rainbow selection of birds on view, including the beauty queen of Bundala, the Green Bee-eater, and the preening Peacock.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park is the most visited wildlife park in Sri Lanka and home to the native elephant and countless bird species. But the star of Yala’s show is arguably the leopard. These impressive hunters swagger powerfully through the park in greater numbers than almost anywhere else on earth. Yala’s National Park status ensures that they are relatively safe from poachers, spending more time in the sights of a tourist’s lens than a rifle.

Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka

The lure of the Indian Ocean is inescapable during a trip to Hambantota. The clear blue waters beckon, particularly from October to April when the seas calm to reveal an enchanting underwater kingdom. Make the most of the conditions with a Scuba diving or snorkelling trip from Tangalle and a host of similar coastal villages. Dive below the surface for a close encounter with colourful coral reefs, shoals of sparkling fish and friendly sea turtles.

A Sri Lankan attraction to blow you away

Sandwiched between the beach villages of Dikwella and Tangalle you’ll find an eruption of natural wonder. The Kudawella Blow Hole at Hummanaya fascinates visitors with its plume of sea water. Created by waves rushing through a submerged cavern, the fountain shoots 40 feet above sea level. While you’re on the coast head for the delights of a chain of local fishing villages dotted along more than 100km of beaches.

Notes on visiting Hambantota

Time Zone

Hambantota Local Time
+5.5 Hours GMT


Visa required, passport valid for min 6 mths from arrival date.


Highest Average: 29°
Lowest Average: 22°

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