Cape Town

One of the most popular destination for any England Cricket Tour to South Africa is Cape Town – Pulsating Cape Town is quite simply one of most recognisable and romantic cities in the world. At its heart lies the awe-inspiring Table Mountain.

This colossal natural wonder rears up amid the beautiful gardens, townhouses and forests, forming part of the jagged Cape Peninsula which points towards the delights of the Atlantic Ocean.

Often wrapped in cotton wool clouds it’s the emblem for a city which in 200 years has developed from a handy refuelling stop-off to one of the most popular tourist destinations on the globe.

Cape Town Attractions

Cape Town attractions include everything from trekking expeditions to exhibitions on apartheid. And this satisfyingly wide variety of life is spiced up by food and drink taken an influx of settlers.

So if you’re keen to get a real taste of Cape Town sample the Xhosa porridge Samp, Ethiopian injera flatbreads or a Cape Malay curry. Then head out for the night fortified by some Karate Water. This brandy and coke combo kick starts many a Cape escapade!

Visit Robben Island

Robben Island is both infamous and inspirational. This maximum security prison three miles out to sea from Cape Town held the late, great Nelson Mandela in captivity for eighteen years.

A tour of Robben Island’s cells, used to incarcerate political prisoners since the 17th century, opens the door to the harsh realities of Apartheid rule. Although the museum details the inequality and oppression it also focuses on the hopes and dreams embodied by Mandela on his release in 1990.

Table Mountain by Cable Car

Every great city should dine out on having a commanding view but the one from Table Mountain is unforgettable. This magnificently mountainous natural wonder can be reached on foot by a variety of energy-sapping but invigorating trails.

But the classic Table Mountain ascent is by cable car. The short journey provides birds-eye views of the city below before delivering you at the summit and a panoramic vista of the Atlantic Ocean and glimpses into the Cape’s hinterland.

Drink in Cape Town’s Night Life

As soon as the sun sinks behind Table Mountain Cape Town becomes party central. All you have to do is decide where to go. The sunset strip along Victoria Road is ideal for kicking back as the last light fades.

Long Street bars like Julep, Neighbourhood and the Waiting Room are popular with the Pan-African and backpacker crowd. Or there’s the chic Cape Quarter in Green Point, where a trendy Gay and straight clientele intermingle stylishly. Take a wander and see which suits your palate best.

Bask on the beaches of Cape Town

It would be rude not to dive into every aspect of Cape Town life during your stay wouldn’t it? Your locale offers some fantastic opportunities to immerse yourself in the warmer waters of False Bay or enjoy the quieter stretches of the sandy Atlantic Seaboard.

Further afield you’ll find Western Cape beaches bathed in light but bereft of bustle. The chuckle-inducing Tietiesbaai sounds naughty but its carpet of wild flowers is stunning appealing more to naturalists than naturists.

Play with the Penguins and Sharks

Cape Town and the Western Cape coast teem with aquatic wildlife. Close to the city you’ll find cute and cuddly Jackass Penguins (named for their calls rather than their behaviour).

These waddling wonders provide an endearingly audible welcome to the African Penguin Colony at Boulder’s Beach. But if you’re looking for an encounter with more bite make the trip to Gansbaai. This is a Mecca for white sharks and offers you the chance to take the plunge into some exhilarating shark cage diving.

The weather in Cape Town

Pack the shades, shorts and sunscreen, your stay in Cape Town promises to be warm, dry and pleasantly sunny. With average temperatures in the mid-70s, Cape Town is also blessed with a monthly average of over 300 hours of summer sunshine.

Rainy days are fairly rare so the only potential weather worry is the early arrival of ‘The ‘Berg Wind’ which brings blasts of heat from the scorching interior.

Notes on visiting Cape Town

Time Zone

Cape Town Local Time
+2 Hours GMT


Valid for min period of 30 days from the date of exit


Highest Average: 23°
Lowest Average: 13°

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